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Lockdown Hair Emergency

Now that it seems we have gotten to the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic (at least the first wave), everyone seems to be talking about their hair. In the US, people are risking their lives to have decent hair. I am sure my readers are much more intelligent and would not risk a second wave for vanity.

I think fabulous hairdresser John Vial said it best in the FT regarding home colouring:

“Colouring hair at home is dicing with death,” he says, “albeit to my benefit because it takes a year of appointments to repair it. It’s a brilliant time to do nothing to your hair. Let it repair. See what it’s like grown out. Anyway, where are people going with their hair done? Nobody’s getting a reservation at the[fashionable London restaurant] Delaunay.”

We must remember that this quote is from a celebrity hairstylist that charges up to (gulp) £700 for a cut. I am sure any colour he does is super nuanced, complicated, and can NOT be replicated at home.

BUT… if you have a good relationship with your stylist, you can ask to buy a mixture of their professional colour mix for a good price and I would suggest a good tip. As we all know hairdressers have lost their livelihood and if we want them to stay in business we should pay it forward.

Those words of wisdom noted, there are a few things you can do outside of grabbing that cheap box of colour in the supermarket.  If you have medium to dark hair and want to cover your greys, I think it is pretty easy – get yourself some of the fabulous Josh Wood Shade Shot Gloss which is a semi-permanent colour conditioner. This should cover up the greys or at least subdue them and give fab shine.

If you have complicated balayage or highlights and want to keep them, I would stay away from any colouring and explore some other options.

We are lucky to be moving into hotter weather so there are a lot of fab straw hats, for example, Arket does a lovely bucket one for £55 which is cheaper than trying to fix a botched home hair colour disaster.  How cute is that?



Also, remember that scarves were big on the catwalk for this season so you can look like Bradon Maxwell, Dior, Marc Jacobs’ models or even the Queen.


Marc Jacobs headscarves

Lockdown will not last forever, but when it is lifted everyone will be scrambling to get an appointment with their hairdresser so it is not the time to screw up your hair. Remember we are all in the same bad hair boat. Now is the perfect time to do extra deep conditioning, let it grow a bit, play with hats and scarves.







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