About Me

How did I get here?

I never thought I would reach that horrible place called middle age – yuck I hate that phrase! I originally thought I would magically go from the dancefloor in my 20’s and 30’s straight to being an old grumpy lady that didn’t care much about anything.

Well, I am still here, now living in London, I left the dancefloors in New York when it was still fun, dirty and a bit dangerous. I don’t think I have changed much, that is until I look closely at the mirror, I still have more than a fleeting interest in fashion and good skin has now become an obsession. What has changed is it gets harder for us ladies of this in-between age to know what to buy and how to look our best without looking like we are in a time warp.

Also, my interests have changed slightly, I am more food focused than I used to be. I want to eat good food but I am not a fanatic. I wish I were rich but hey ho, I am not, so I need to be smart about where my money goes. All these things, along with a bit of life strategy and of course a sense of humour, is what makes Modern Mame tick.

How am I qualified to pontificate about life? Well, I wrote a book called Style NOT Fashion, which was in the top ten on AmazonUK for over four years. I was also the head bottle washer at The Lean Times, the site to visit if you are in a financial pickle.

If you find this intriguing, subscribe below, you can always cancel. I would love to hear how you are surviving these middle years which I think I am finding a bit harder than adolescence.