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La Rentrée, aka Summer’s Over

Now that we have lumbered through the first week of la rentrée – we have resigned ourselves that summer is well and truly over so, on to embracing the joys of that back to school feeling. La rentrée, a French term for coming back to normal life after the long summer break, re-entering the grind, so to speak.

I love this time of year – you get to wear different clothes as the weather gets cooler. You get to rethink your appearance – new makeup colours, do you change your hair or keep it for another season.

La rentrée is a sort of clean slate to get yourself in order after the long, hot summer. New Beginnings.

What changes are you going to make – a new hair-do? Take a course? Look for a new job? Get healthier?  Finally, make that budget and stick with it? De-clutter your wardrobe, living space or relationships? Find a beauty routine that works and actually stick with it?

I, personally, don’t like to hit the shops before I have reviewed all the relevant new magazines. I like to cherry pick the trends that work best for me, usually the ones that mean I do not have to deviate too much from my personal style.

There are many ways to look like you are aware of the new season without looking like you have lost who you are. No one wants to look like a fashion victim. The beauty of being a woman of a certain age is that we know what works for us, our body type and colouring.

While I am reviewing which trends work for me and I want to buy into, I do something super easy – get my nails done. Getting a mani-pedi in a new colour is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to ease yourself into the groove of the new season.

What do you do to ease yourself into a new season? Leave me a comment below.


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