Author - Viviana


Not the life I expected

As you can see in this screenshot – even a rich woman like Dorinda Medley (RHONY), does not have the life she expected when she hit mid-age. What about the rest of us mere mortals? We all start out with expectations –...

Beauty Style

La Rentrée, aka Summer’s Over

Now that we have lumbered through the first week of la rentrée – we have resigned ourselves that summer is well and truly over so, on to embracing the joys of that back to school feeling. La rentrée, a French term for...


Lipstick Everywhere

Yes, I like my lipstick. Preferred colour, red, a rich deep red. I own many, people might say too many red lipsticks. Each red lipstick I own, are for different occasions and seasons. Yes, I wear lipstick to the gym, to the...


Who is Modern Mame?

This is a take on Vogue’s famous 73 questions, whittled down to 63. 1. What’s your favorite movie? Anything in Technicolor 2. Favorite movie in the past five years? Iris, that woman is adorable! 3. Favorite Hitchcock...

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