Lipstick Everywhere

Yes, I like my lipstick. Preferred colour, red, a rich deep red. I own many, people might say too many red lipsticks. Each red lipstick I own, are for different occasions and seasons.

Yes, I wear lipstick to the gym, to the corner store, to the put out the trash – OK I don’t go donning my best Tom Ford to visit the rubbish chute but you get the idea. Why bother you may ask – it is keeping up standards, my standards, not anyone else’s.

It is important for me to feel at my best when I go out in the world and by that, I mean, leave my front door. As we get older, it gets, at least for me, harder and harder to look at myself in the mirror but we can’t give up. I think us ladies, should always make an effort. Once we stop caring about what we look like we might as well put our head in the oven and turn up the gas. Alright, that might seem a be drastic but I was making a point.

Makeup is our warpaint, it is a tool that we should be grateful for. When we put a bit of lippy on, we are saying to the world that we have not given up. We are strong and still a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps we are past the baby making stage in our life but that means we have more time for ourselves and to get things done.

Make a tiny effort before you go out, put on a bit of lipstick, a dab of blusher.

You never know what is around the corner; a new job or the love of your life.

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