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We all want to be able to look great between visits to the hairdresser. I personally don’t really like sitting in the chair looking at my myself with the gown on, looking like I have had my head cut off.

So if I can make my colour last a bit longer that means spending less money and less time in the dreaded chair.

I have all over colour using Aveda. I think it is great colour and my hairdresser, a wizard, but the one thing that disappoints is since Aveda colour is natural it doesn’t last as long as I would like. I find it fades and loses its depth fairly quickly. In the hope of no more bad hair days, I have done some non-scientific research into keeping my colour fresh as long as possible.

The most important thing to do when you are at the hairdresser’s, you need to have Olaplex added to your colour. This will seal the colour in and make your hair super shiny and smooth. Here is a plan to keep your hair looking that good for longer.

On a daily basis, I spray Kérastase Soliel on my hair before leaving the house. Did you know that the sun can damage your hair in the same way it damages your skin? So a quick spray of this will protect your colour and texture, therefore, preserving your hairdresser’s hard work.

The problem I find with my hair is it starts to fade or the miserable greys  (or the witches) start showing themselves so my first point of attack is Aveda Clove Color conditioner which has so much pigment that you need to scrub your hands after use. I find if I leave it in a few minutes the colour is more saturated and post salon looking. Aveda colour conditioner comes in three colours: Clove for brown hair, Camomile to brighten blondes and Blue Malva to get rid of brassiness.

The other solution to colour fade is Josh Wood Colour Everything Mask with a Shade Shot. This does two things, it enhances colour big time and deep conditions. This is also a good port of call when your hairdresser goes too warm, cold or brassy.

Now that you have your ideal colour, now to maintain it, turn to the Olaplex shampoo and conditioner to keep it shiny and glossy.  Since this is quite pricey stuff, I only use it about once a week, even though I wash my hair daily it seems to last for a few days. The next product, I am looking forward to trying is the leave-in conditioner. Have you tried it? Is it worth the money? Please leave me a comment.

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