Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday: Take Stock

OK – the financial news stinks at the moment. We are being told that the cost of living increase will destroy any joy we might have had, and we might need to choose between heating and eating. I am sure many of you, lovely readers, are stressed and maybe a bit scared, I am.

I am hoping I can shed a tiny bit of light on all this doom and gloom. We have had it pretty good in recent years barring the pandemic. Now is the time to spend smartly, not in haste. Our key thought should be “do I need it or just want it?

I am starting out this series with what you already have, in drawers, cupboards, closets and even under the sofa cushions. We have been living quite abundant lives – food shopping with abandon. Stocking up when items are on sale such as pasta, beans and tinned fish. Now is the time to take stock of what you have in the back of your cupboards.

If you were a visitor to my frugality blog, TheLeanTimes, you will know that I am a big, I mean BIG fan of Lidl. I get excited every time a food destination event happens whether it be Italian, Greek, or Spanish, which means I have been known to buy a bit extra as there is a feeling of scarcity. That orange “when it’s gone” sign, really gets me fired up. Why am I telling you this?

Overstocking your kitchen cupboards means there might be a lot of food sitting there that you have forgotten that you bought. Now is the time for you to take stock, go through your food cabinets and find out exactly what you have, when it expires, and start feeling a tiny bit less panicked.

Perhaps we need to re-think how we are eating – more cooking, less meat, more tinned food all this can help keep the food bills a bit more under control.

I hope that helped, just a little. Please drop me a comment if there is anything you would like me to write about, I am here to help you.

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