Black Friday is a comin’

Start building up your piggy bank from now – Black Friday is coming! I am from NY so Black Friday is not a new concept to me as it is to a lot of people living in the UK. It is quite an arbitrary day in the UK, it makes sense in the US as it is the Friday after Thanksgiving, the biggest holiday of the year but I digress.

For some reason, Black Friday seems to creep up on me and I have not put enough money aside to take advantage of the bargains. I don’t have a crystal ball or proper insider info but in the past, I have made major savings on items I have had on my shopping wish list. Black Friday 2019 is on the 29th of November, mark your diaries and calendars!

What is the big deal, I hear you ask – well in the past few years I have found great deals from Deceim, Victoria Health, Perricone MD, Anastasia Beverly Hills, just to name a few. I must say last year I scored a Foreo UFO from Cult Beauty then got 50% off the masks at the kiosk at Westfield.

It is hard to predict what the discounts will be but you can start by making a list of your beauty desires, visit the websites that sell them, make an account and put your items in your wish list. You will then be on the mailing list and will be notified when the sale begins – some outlets do not stand by the traditional Black Friday date but may start the bargains earlier.

I find shopping from the comfort of my own home without the drama of crowds, travelling into town and the overexcitement to buy more than what is on my list a great way to do Black Friday. I save in-store shopping for clothing.

You can approach clothes shopping in a similar way. Uniqlo does fab Black Friday offers so I make a tight list of the basics missing in my wardrobe then hit the shop. If I am looking for something very specific, I will look at the availability online first before I hit the shop. Many times online will sell out before the actual store so keep that in mind when you are looking for that special coloured cashmere jumper.

Happy shopping and if you are hitting the High Street remember to wear clothing that makes it easy to try things on, stay hydrated and go as easy as possible.




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